Reimagine the impact of having a true nearshore software development partner

Capitalize on your company’s software opportunities with this comprehensive guide and checklist.

The concept of outsourcing to offshore partners is a long-held practice used in many industries. Even though this idea has been in practice for some time, the model often brings with it several flaws when it comes to the world of custom software development. 

Because offshore and nearshore “outsourcing” is inherently considered a race to the bottom, the lowest bid typically wins. 

Focusing on price first becomes even more troublesome when working in highly regulated industries, such as government and healthcare. The stakes are high here, security is a priority, and the consequence of a mistake cuts deep. 

Here at Wovenware, we recognize the value of incorporating a nearshore partner into your custom software development efforts and invite you to reimagine a process centered on outcomes, not outputs–end results, not simply cost.